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The Lost FatesYesterday we officially opened the new, bespoke, coded from the ground up by us, and, most importantly, PERMANENT realm for The Lost Fates! The soft launch begins right now! Please keep in mind that this is still very early days. Skills and numbers will likely shift as we tweak and balance things, but we want to endeavor to make sure you keep everything you've earned along the way with your time and effort put into the game. There are a lot of placeholders for text, but we do have combat in and are moving into the next phase of developing skills. We wanted to invite you all to help with your feedback and suggestions as we do.

When you login you will be creating an account at first, not a character, so keep that in mind when choosing a name. All of your characters can be created under that account, or multiple accounts if you wish. You can log in as many characters as you like from a single account at the same time, so no need for multiple accounts simply to do that. Remember we have information here on the website if you have questions about the races and such as you create your character. We will be improving the character generator and tutorial process as we go and you will have opportunities to respec and redo your looks and the like.

Without further ado, here is how to log in!

TCP/IP Address: [link]
Port Number: 4000

We suggest using Mushclient if you are on Windows (if you know a good Mac client please reply with it!) which can be downloaded directly from here:

Installer: [link]
Direct Unzip: [link]…/mushclient/

If you are using Mushclient, as soon as you connect do the following to make sure the output looks right with our game: Have your window expanded to the size you desire, press ALT + 5, Press the bottom left button that says "Adjust width to size", and uncheck "Indent paragraphs" at the top right. ([link] shows you where these are located.)

Alternately, you can also use a browser based client to access the game directly without downloading. Simply go to [link] and it'll pop right up.

We've added a new forum section here for feedback and announcements on the soft launch and will be doing a lot of communicating via Facebook with polls and the like, so keep an eye out!
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Stardust   What does this mean?
The Lost Fates   If you look to the right side of the page you are able to donate days to the website. We have to pay monthly to keep the premium features. It was running out in a few days so we added six more months to keep everything running smooth. You can also see a list of who added what, when it expires, etc.
[FW] HolyphWe're going to be doing a soft launch of the new version of the game soon so that we can get some folks in playing and testing. This version has been created by us from the ground up so that we do not have to jump through hoops or flat out cut things we want to do just because they don't play nice with someone else's system. We'd love as many of you as possible to come help us break stuff and give us suggestions as we begin to push into our next development cycle!
Stardust   I'm there, just say when.
The Lost FatesThank you Lytaria! We really appreciate it!
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[FW] HolyphThank you Zhunter and Xanthian for adding days to the site! We've been so focused on getting the new game engine going that I didn't even see those happen. You're all awesome and we really appreciate the support!
Xanthian   Wasn't entirely sure whether this just pays for the website or pays for website + hosting costs, but either way, with <2 weeks 'til expiry, I figured it was an easy contribution to make.

In case the hosting costs aren't from the same budget, it might be worth looking at how you could pool those costs so you only have to pour your heart and soul into the project, not wallet too.
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